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Driving global development with science.

At MEDILab, we advance global development through tendering and supply contract fulfillment. With 35+ years of industry experience, we’re specialists in laboratory and medical equipment procurement, installation, end-user training and maintenance— delivering high-quality, competitively priced supplies to where they’re needed the most.

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Passionate about development, driven by science

Established in 1985, MEDILab  is a leading procurement and contracting agency, specializing in the laboratory and healthcare sectors. Our deep knowledge of development challenges and extensive expertise in STEM and the life sciences have earned us the trust of renowned multilateral funding agencies and national governments, on a global scale.   

Having executed over 3000 contracts in 30+ countries, our track record is a testament to our dedication to excellence, transparency, and the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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A turnkey solution for procurement 

what we do

Procurement for a sustainable future

We deliver cost-effective scientific solutions for projects in developing nations on behalf of NGOs, international non-governmental organizations, bilateral donors, and multinational institutions such as the United Nations and its agencies, the World Bank, and many others.

From procurement to logistics to after-sales support, we specialize in sourcing high-quality lab and medical equipment for diverse applications and local contexts, including in emergency situations. 

We prioritize the well-being of the communities we serve, ensuring suitable product fit and good value for a brighter future.

“Working with a diverse network of suppliers, MEDILab implements a thriving procurement strategy that sources from the best and brightest in their respective industries."
– Head of Business Development, Rida Mortada B, Eng.
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Medilab helping developing nations through project procurement

Scientific Solutions for Diverse Sectors

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Laboratory Science & Research

As the largest supplier of lab equipment in Lebanon, we have extensive experience in procuring laboratory equipment, consumables, and tools to diverse customers, including the United Nations. From research to clinical services and diagnostics, our laboratory solutions help drive innovation and scientific advancement.

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Security & Forensics

MEDILab  provides forensic analysis and security equipment to government agencies and international organizations, supporting border management and security efforts. Our comprehensive network of science and lab equipment suppliers ensures access to advanced tools for applications such as passport verification, latent fingerprint identification, and trace evidence analysis.

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MEDILab, a leading medical equipment supplier in Lebanon, aids national governments and multilateral institutions in providing better healthcare worldwide. From conflict areas to emergency zones, we deliver state-of-the-art medical equipment and mobile clinics for better dental care, laboratory analysis, radiology, and more.

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We procure cutting-edge quality control and testing devices to safeguard the environment and promote sustainable development. From water quality testing to harmful gas detection, our environmental equipment solutions support organizations and governments to protect the communities they serve.

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MEDILab supplies science and lab equipment for schools worldwide, aiming to enhance learning environments and foster scientific exploration. With over 35 years of experience, we offer a wide range of solutions, supporting disciplines such as biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering, in addition to vocational training.

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Our strong reputation among bilateral donors and multilateral institutions is a testament to our expertise and credibility

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Create text automations and flows : Based on custom prebuilt audiences. Capture abandon carts, upsell and promote launches.


Create text automations and flows : Based on custom prebuilt audiences. Capture abandon carts, upsell and promote launches.


Create text automations and flows : Based on custom prebuilt audiences. Capture abandon carts, upsell and promote launches.


Create text automations and flows : Based on custom prebuilt audiences. Capture abandon carts, upsell and promote launches.


Create text automations and flows : Based on custom prebuilt audiences. Capture abandon carts, upsell and promote launches.


Create text automations and flows : Based on custom prebuilt audiences. Capture abandon carts, upsell and promote launches.


Create text automations and flows : Based on custom prebuilt audiences. Capture abandon carts, upsell and promote launches.

Medilab delivered technical vocational equipment and training to fulfill this UNHCR project

Gerard Moya

Senior Supply Officer

“MEDILab successfully, delivered, installed, and trained appointed focal points on all supplied equipment in full accordance with our requirements.”

UNHCR Logo in color
Medilab supplied two tipper trucks to fulfill this project with Mercy Corps

Husam Salhab

Sr. Operations Manager

“MEDILab proved to have good quality services and goods; they met our needs and expectations.”

Mobile clinic that MEDILab built for the Lebanese American University

Saad El Zein

Assistant of the President

“We are pleased with the service that MEDILab provided and confirm that the clinic met our requirements in terms of specifications, training and delivery schedule.”

Lebanese American University Logo
Medilab security and forensics project at the Rafic Hariri Airport in Lebanon

Marion Holzmann

Project Manager

“In ICMPD’s experience, the MEDILab team delivered on their tasks in a timely manner and to a high standard.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

MEDILab—a brief overview

How are you different?

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Unlike traditional contractors or procurement companies, we have an in-depth understanding of the devices we offer, their purpose, and their functionality.

At our core, we are science and laboratory experts, which means that we offer a niche approach to the fulfillment of supply contracts in various sectors, including forensics & security, healthcare, and education.

With almost four decades of experience in the field, we have a highly established network of renowned laboratory and medical equipment suppliers.

What makes your offering ‘turnkey’?

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Our approach goes beyond simply sourcing: we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From installation to ongoing maintenance, our dedicated team of trained professionals manage and supervise every stage of the project.

We do not outsource our logistics or end-user training to third parties. Rather, we travel directly to the beneficiaries’ location to provide in-person training directly. This allows us to provide a seamless and hands-on equipment maintenance, installation, and training service for our customers—wherever they are located.

How do you choose your suppliers?

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We only source our products from suppliers that utilize ethical standards with respect to the environment, working conditions, and health and safety. To that end, we ensure that all our suppliers meet all requirements for global standardization and quality assurance, respecting import and export requirements in terms of product certifications and other local import regulations.

Where do you get your supplies from?

We have thriving partnerships with leading forensics, laboratory, and medical equipment manufacturers and their distributors. In turn, this has provided us with access to a diverse range of high-quality products from a wide variety of global brands. Our supply partners include renowned companies such as Regula Forensics, VWR, Samsung Healthcare, HORIBA, Smiths Detection, Jeulin, Vernier, amongst many others.

How do you ensure that supplies are delivered on time? 

Throughout our 35+ years in operation, we've cultivated robust partnerships with renowned international suppliers, manufacturers, as well as freight companies to ensure a variety of shipping methods. This affords us rapid access to stock and inventory at competitive prices. Even during procurement crises, we’re able to swiftly meet our contractual obligations and tailor them to address our customers’ unique science, medical, and laboratory equipment requirements.

 Do you manufacture any of your products?

Yes, we operate our own manufacturing facility for laboratory equipment and furniture. We also produce chemically-resistant laboratory benches, fume hoods, and chemical safety cabinets.

Do you handle all logistics? 

Yes, we handle all the logistics for your goods, ensuring they reach their destination intact. Our services include consolidating supplies from different manufacturers, cost-effective packaging, thorough inspection and labeling, and worldwide shipping to even the most remote areas. Ultimately, when you work with MEDILab for your laboratory, medical, and forensic/security equipment needs, you experience hassle-free and on time delivery.

What is the lead time for one of your mobile clinics?

This varies depending on the specific customization, design, and functionality requirements of the end user. Typically, the manufacturing process takes between 2 to 4 months, excluding shipping time.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

Our high-touch customer service is really what sets us apart. Because we believe in taking full responsibility for the success of our clients' supply installations, we oversee this process ourselves.

We take the time to ensure that your end users understand and are comfortable using their new resources, whether that’s complex lab or forensic equipment or state-of-the-art medical training devices. Ultimately, we prioritize personal engagement and follow-up, going the extra mile to address customer needs.

How do you maintain your products/service guarantee? 

Our team responds to maintenance and after-sales requests within 24 hours of receipt of request. We are on-site to service equipment if needed and provide online support when requested by the end user.

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