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Founded in Beirut in 1985, we understand the complexities of advancing development projects in complex environments. Leveraging our vast network of global suppliers, we provide an end-to-end procurement solution to governments, donors and multilateral institutions around the world.

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    Deep knowledge of sustainable development
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Leveraging our 35+ years of experience, we offer an integrated procurement solution for your development projects

our values

Our values are at the core of how we work.

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We uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethics in everything we do, fostering trust and building lasting relationships with our clients and partners.

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We believe in open and clear communication, providing our customers with full transparency throughout every stage of our engagement.

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We are committed to delivering products and services of the utmost quality. To this end, we meticulously vet our science and lab equipment suppliers to ensure that only the best reach our customers.

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We are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and advancing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by offering eco-friendly solutions—and minimizing our environmental impact.

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Our Mission

An integrated approach to the procurement of science equipment.

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Our mission is to fulfill supply contract requirements in developing areas on behalf of bilateral and multilateral donors, government agencies and other development partners. At our core, we are fuelled by a passion for advancing human development through more sustainable and resilient infrastructure, quality education, better population health, scientific research, and innovation.

We believe that equipping communities with the right scientific equipment, devices and instruments can help us get there. By providing the supplies that people need the most—and empowering them to harness their full potential—we make a lasting contribution on sustainable development.

We are committed to advancing science through responsive customer service, prompt delivery, and exceptional product quality. Moreover, we go the extra mile, providing our clients with a fully integrated solution that encompasses four distinct stages: procurement, logistics & shipping, installation & end-user training, and after-sales support. 

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Our Origin Story

At MEDILab, our journey is deeply rooted in passion and determination.

“We are proud to bring to the global community our expert knowledge in science procurement. As the largest lab & medical equipment supplier in Lebanon, we have mastered the in’s and out’s of the industry, learning invaluable lessons along the way."
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– General Manager, Mr. Labib Mortada

It all began with Mr. Labib Mortada, a visionary who embarked on a journey of innovation and service to meet a critical need in the laboratory industry.

Mr. Mortada pursued his studies in chemistry at the Lebanese University (LU), earning his bachelor’s degree in 1974. During those early years, he worked as both a lab assistant at LU and in the lab of a local textiles factory.

It was during his time at the factory that Mr. Mortada noticed a significant shortage in the availability of essential materials and equipment required for his work. This realization sparked a big idea: to establish a company that would fulfill the demand for critical laboratory tools and thereby, bridge a market gap. 

Subsequently, Mr. Mortada founded MEDILab in 1985, using the extra space he had in his apartment to store supplies.

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MEDILab’s Global Recognition

In recognition of our professionalism and credibility, we have acquired national accreditation for tendering contracts with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Ministry of State for Administrative Reform, the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) as well as other local authorities. These accreditations are a testament to our reputation as the largest supplier of lab equipment in Lebanon, a partner you can trust with your local project.

In addition, MEDILab has attained international recognition through tendering projects sponsored by the UN, World Bank, the EU, and other international institutions.  As a global procurement company specializing in cutting-edge science and laboratory equipment, we take great pride in sourcing the products our clients need, at the best overall value. 
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our team

At MEDILab, our team is the backbone of our success

Our dedicated staff, known for their deep industry knowledge, play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional service to our customers. Comprising 26 team members in four global locations, our personnel are capable of handling any project, regardless of its location or complexity.

Each member of the project procurement team possesses a unique skill set and scientific background, with training in biomedical and chemical engineering, laboratory science, biochemistry, and biology. This scientific foundation sets us apart and enables us to understand the intricate requirements of our customers’ projects.

Picture of Labib Mortada the founder of Medilab
Labib Mortada
Picture of Rida Mortada the Business Development Manager at Medilab
Rida Mortada
Picture of Bilal Kammouni
Bilal Kammouni
Picture of Catherine Azoury
Catherine Azoury
Picture of Cynthia Rached
Cynthia Rached
Picture of Hanan Naim
Hanan Naim
Picture of Ranine Nassredine
Ranine Nassredine
Picture of Manal Amine
Manal Amine
Picture of Paul Kareem
Paul Kareem
Picture of Samer Youssef
Samer Youssef
Picture of Marwa Arar
Marwa Arar
Picture of May Khalil
May Khalil
Picture of Moustafa Serhan
Moustafa Serhan
Picture of Sawsan Ladkani
Sawsan Ladkani
Picture of Marwa El Hajj
Marwa El Hajj
Picture of Shafik Ajour
Shafik Ajour
Picture of Mohamad Abdullah
Mohamad Abdullah
Picture of Ali Moustafa
Ali Moustafa

Our success is built upon the unique contributions of each team member


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