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Provision of Educational Materials for the Applied Sciences College in Anbar, Iraq

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Project Overview

Client: United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Heet College for Applied Sciences, Anbar University
Year: 2021

Project Context

In post-ISIL Iraq, the UNDP and its partners are prioritizing infrastructure recovery, governance strengthening, and peace-building efforts to facilitate the safe return of displaced individuals. Recognizing that quality education and livelihood opportunities are vital for breaking the cycle of poverty, the Sustainable Development Goals emphasize the importance of inclusive and equitable education by promoting lifelong learning opportunities.

Scope of Work

The MEDILab team traveled to Iraq to supply the university with educational equipment and materials, replacing those that were damaged or stolen during the recent conflict. The project involved providing school lab equipment, including fume hoods, a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIS), a double stage distillation unit, and other general lab equipment and consumables. 

Project Impact

MEDILab's supply of lab equipment to Anbar University in post-conflict Iraq supports SDG 4 (Quality Education). Having access to essential scientific tools and laboratory equipment fosters lifelong learning, the development of practical skills, and future livelihood opportunities for students, supporting sustainable development in the region.

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