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Supply of Vocational Training Equipment, Lebanon

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Project Overview

Client: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Ministry of Education of Lebanon
Year: 2023

Project Context

The current economic crisis in Lebanon has exacerbated the daily living conditions of both Lebanese nationals and refugees. Consequently, the UNHCR has increased its humanitarian assistance to reach a greater number of persons in need, both on a community level and in terms of direct assistance. As part of this mandate, UNHCR is directly supporting the Ministry of Education of Lebanon by investing in the renovation and expansion of schools, capacity-building, and training. This includes equipment funding to support technical and vocational training initiatives.

Scope of Work

The MEDILab team successfully provided vocational training equipment to over 20 technical schools nationwide, covering diverse areas including automation, automotive, electrical, HVAC & refrigeration, renewable energy, nursing, and biomedical technology. 

Project Impact

The procured equipment supports the delivery of quality vocational education and enhanced skill development. In turn, this facilitates the preparation of students to meet industry demands and become competent professionals in their fields.

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