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Supply of Chromatographic Measuring Equipment, Bahrain

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Project Overview

Client: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
The Supreme Council for Environment (SCE), Bahrain
Year: 2023

Project Context

UNIDO is supporting Bahrain in implementing its HCFCs Phase Out Management Plan (HPMP) to comply with the Montreal Protocol. The project involves collaboration between UNIDO, UNEP, and national stakeholders including the national ozone unit (NOU), the Supreme Council of Environment, suppliers, and other relevant parties. The active participation of these stakeholders in the HPMP stage II activities will help Bahrain achieve a 67.5% reduction in HCFC consumption by 2025, thereby ensuring compliance with the Montreal Protocol.

Scope of Work

A team of MEDILab project managers and engineers traveled to Manama to deliver a gas chromatographer to the SCE. To facilitate effective sample and element testing, we provided technical and operational end-user training. Moving forward, our team will also provide ongoing equipment maintenance services in addition to remote diagnostic and monitoring activities.

Project Impact

Procurement of the gas chromatographer has elevated the laboratory's capabilities in GC and GC/MS performance. This advancement allows for increased data flow confidence, the ability to process a larger number of samples in less time, and improved cost efficiency. 

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