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Security & Forensics

Supply of Document Examination Equipment to the Islamabad Airport, IBM Silk Routes Project, Pakistan

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Project Overview

Client: International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)
Airport Authority of Islamabad
Year: 2023

Project Context

The IBM Silk Routes project aims to assist Silk Routes countries in enhancing their border management systems based on the Integrated Border Management (IBM) concept. It focuses on developing capacities, infrastructure, and coordination among countries to implement effective IBM practices and promote regional cooperation in border management. The program’s core objective is to enhance border management and prevent irregular migration, including human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

Scope of Work

We equipped the beneficiary with a document laboratory and advanced technical laboratory equipment. Our team also traveled to Pakistan to provide on-site training and share technical expertise to improve the functioning of document examination and identification processes at major crossing points. 

Project Impact

Through the provision of cutting-edge forensic equipment, the Islamabad International Airport’s capacity to combat irregular migration and human trafficking has been enhanced. This capacity building fosters regional cooperation among Silk Routes countries, facilitating effective border management and supporting sustainable development.

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