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Supply of Measurement Equipment to the Water Establishments, Lebanon

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Project Overview

Client: European Union Aid to Lebanon
Water Establishments of Lebanon
Year: 2022

Project Context

The project titled “WASH assistance to support water governance and public water and wastewater services in Lebanon for host and refugee communities” is funded by the European Union. A critical aspect of this project involves providing the Water Establishments with essential laboratory equipment and supplies to test, maintain and manage the water network in Lebanon. 

Scope of Work

MEDILab provided the Water Establishments in Lebanon with environmental equipment and field water testing tools, including portable ultrasonic flowmeters, colorimeters, turbidimeters, and acoustic leak detection equipment. Additionally, we trained the staff on how to use and apply these sophisticated environmental equipment and detection tools. 

Project Impact

The provision of field water testing equipment and staff training enhances water governance and public services in Lebanon, ensuring a safer and uninterrupted water supply for host and refugee communities. This promotes health and well-being while improving the capacity to maintain a clean and sanitary water supply system. 

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