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Supply of Medical Equipment, Lebanon

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Project Overview

Client: United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Palestinian Red Crescent Society Centers
Year: 2019

Project Context

This UNDP initiative aims to enhance living conditions in the Palestinian Gatherings in Lebanon and strengthen the resilience of these host communities. Palestinian Gatherings house some 120,000 host and recent Palestinian refugees in conditions marked by inadequate access to basic urban services, medical supplies, and subsequent shelter conditions. 

This particular project focused on the UNDP’s emergency support to Human Call Association health clinics in Nahr El Bared Camp Adjacent Areas, Palestinian Red Crescent Society PRCS centers in the Bekaa area, and Nahr El Bared Camp Adjacent Areas.

Scope of Work

The project involved supplying and installing electrical, radiology, and laboratory equipment to clinics in Palestinian refugee camps in the Bekaa and northern Lebanon. In collaboration with the UNDP, we provided medical laboratory equipment, including automated spectrophotometers, hematology analyzers, centrifuges, microscopes, and coagulation machines, along with general labware and consumables. The project also included the training of doctors and lab technicians on the medical equipment, ensuring proper utilization and enhancing healthcare services in the camps.

Project Impact

By supplying and installing essential medical equipment and providing training, we helped bolster access to healthcare services in Palestinian refugee camps, promoting sustainable access to quality care. 

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