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Supply of Near Infrared Spectrophotometer, Qatar

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Project Overview

Client: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Qatar
Year: 2022

Project Context

The Department of Genetic Resources at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment of Qatar is responsible for conserving Qatari plant genetic resources. One of its largest challenges is to address ongoing environmental risks, including desertification, overgrazing, and climatic changes such as global warming.

Scope of Work

A team of engineers and project managers traveled to Doha to supply and install laboratory equipment, and conduct training on a near infrared spectrophotometer. This instrument is used to perform accurate, cost-effective, real time and non-destructive measurement of nutritional compositional analyses of seeds from different crops in both grain and ground powder form. 

Project Impact

Through the provision of this sophisticated analytical instrument, the Department of Genetic Resources can more effectively monitor and assess the quality and nutritional content of seeds. This laboratory equipment positively contributes to the conservation of Qatari plant genetic resources and addresses ongoing environmental risks such as desertification, overgrazing, and climatic changes.

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